Why Harry Styles’ ‘Watermelon Sugar’ Just Went Viral Again

26 November 2020, 10:40

Harry Styles' song 'Watermelon Sugar' has everyone talking about its meaning again. Picture: Getty / Harry Styles/YouTube

Harry Styles’ song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ went viral all over again months after its release – and the reason is actually hilarious.

Harry Styles had everyone wondering about the meaning of his song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ when he first released the track off of ‘Fine Line’, later confessing he picked the title after seeing a book with the same name in the room he was recording in.

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The meaning of the phrase itself has remained unconfirmed by Haz, ever the gentleman, but we do know it’s about the pop star enjoying sexual activities.

The video for 'Watermelon Sugar' is a pretty big clue as to its meaning. Picture: Harry Styles/YouTube

Because of this the song was all over Twitter again this week, after actress Katherine Heigl was warned by a fan of its meaning when she posted a video of her kids innocently dancing to the tune.

Katherine filmed a clip of her daughters and her husband Josh Kelly watching the music video and dancing around the living room to the song they were very much enjoying – who doesn’t love it, tbh?

Katherine Heigl posted a photo of her family dancing to the song. Picture: Katherine Heigl/Instagram

When a fan replied pointing out the meaning, adding “the kids don’t need to know that”, Katherine replied: “The kids??!! What about me??!! I thought it was a random slightly chaotic song about watermelons and sugar and… well hell I have no idea what I thought the song was about but oral sex never once crossed my mind… I guess Harry and I have different adjectives to describe the experience [sic].”

The hilarious exchange was captured by @commentsbycelebs, who had hundreds of people replying confessing they didn’t know the meaning either.

Jamie Lynn Spears commented: “Was not aware either. Thanks for keeping me informed.”

Someone else added: “I’m today years old… realising this as well.”

“Well I always thought this was a strange song lyric… now I get it,” replied a third.

The ‘Watermelon Sugar’ video gives a little more of a clue as to what it actually means, so if you still haven’t worked it out maybe give it a watch.

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